XY Family Tree ships with 2 sets of data – Sample_Data and Your_name_here.

If you're new to XYFT the best way to start is by playing with Sample_Data. Navigate, edit, add and generally see what happens. If you make a real mess of Sample_Data you can download and import a fresh copy from the website as an XYXchange file but you'll need to give it a different family name.

Next, you have choices:

  1. start entering names into Your_name_here and later rename it;
  2. rename Your_name_here  and enter names;
  3. use the file menu to make a new family.

Populate the family with names and add lots of sauce.

Yes, the pun was intended. Sources are the sauce that makes a family tree enjoyable. Sources are all the extra stuff like citations, events, photos, videos, sound clips, external references and anything else that adds interest and credibility to your family tree. For simplicity they're all grouped under the Sources tab.

If you're bothered about citations and events having their own space you can tag them in Custom Fields.

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