Checking your data

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Sometimes data connections are worth checking. You may discover some surprises.

People without parents

There will be a lot of these. Not a particularly useful check but included for completeness.

People that can’t be found

Sometimes, but particularly with data imported from GEDCOM, a person referred to in connection (parent, spouse or associate) cannot be found in the data.

People without any connections

It is possible that your data contains people without any connection to any other person in the data.

People who are their own ancestors

This check is one that is intended to find serious mistakes. Because it is possible to use any person in the data as the parent of any other, it is thus possible get into a tangle. This doesn’t happen often but I have seen examples in imported Gedcom files where John Smith b.1900 is the father of John Smith b.1800 or Mary Kahn id28 is the grandmother of Mary Kahn id28.

Exporting your main tables as CSV files

There is an option to export your files as CSV files, suitable for reading with Excel or any other spreadsheet. This is a great way to sort and list all the people and marriages in the database. You can’t feed the CSV files back into XY Family Tree but you can get a chance to see any glaring mistakes such as duplicated people, spelling mistakes and other errors that are easier to see on a spreadsheet.

See the main file, person.csv, below

These are the three files that were exported. Use your spreadsheet to see them.

If you find mistakes you should edit them in XY Family Tree, do not edit the spreadsheet.

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