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Adding a father

In the illustration above, the father would become a new addition to the data. However, if the father was already in the data the procedure would have been different: you would need to know the ID of the father beforehand.

So, assuming that Selvaggia Alessandri’s father was Leonardo da Vinci (not true of course, but this is to show a way of doing it), you need to know that Leonardo’s ID is 5.

Get Selvaggia back in the focus and click Change Father. (Note that she doesn’t already have a father – I didn’t save Peter earlier.)

You now have

BUT NOTE WELL, this is not the best way to populate your data; it’s much easier to add children to a parent. If the parent has a spouse, XY Family Tree will assume that the child is a child of the parent and the spouse – although this can be changed if it’s not true. XY Family Tree is completely flexible on parentage but does try to simplify data entry as far as possible.

Adding a mother

Follow the same procedure as for adding a father. There is one minor difference – the mother’s family name is not assumed.

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