Linking to images, sounds, video and documents on your PC

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You can to link any image, media clip, document or hyperlink to any number of people. The formats bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, mpg, mpeg, mp3, wav, doc, xls and many others are supported. So you could put photos of a family wedding into the system and link them to all to the people in the picture.

A link may be added by clicking the “Add ” button, then “Add a Link”, and either browsing for the file or pasting in a web address. If you choose to browse for a file on your PC, by default the file browser opens at your “Links” folder. This is a good place to keep all your files together. This makes it easier to back them up. However, files in other locations can be just as easily linked.

Select any file by double-clicking it or selecting it and clicking the Open button.

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