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When XY Family Tree is first installed, the default option will locate the working parts of the application in C:\Program Files and the subject files in C:\XY Family Tree. It is possible to locate the working parts in any other location but the subject files will always be installed in C:\XY family Tree. Any existing family files in C:\XY Family Tree will not be overwritten if you reinstall or upgrade, so your data is safe.

After installation it’s easy to relocate both the working parts and the subject parts. The working parts can be located in the folder of your choice and the subject parts can be in the same folder or elsewhere on the same computer or on a network drive. The key file to edit is filepath.cfg. This tells the program where to find its files.

N.B. filepath.cfg must always be in the same folder as the program, XYFamilyTree.exe.

If filepath.cfg is not found, XY Family Tree will assume that all its subject files are in the same folder as the program. So if you want to run it all on a USB key, just delete filepath.cfg or rename filepath.cfg as filepath.kkk.

A word of warning

If filepath.cfg is located in C:\Program Files\XY Family Tree\ you may need to move it to another folder before you can edit it , then move it back (Windows rules). To edit filepath.cfg you may find it easier to rename it as filepath.txt and use Notepad – not forgetting to rename it back to filepath.cfg when you’re done.

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