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Printing a Family Tree, for most users, is constrained by the size of paper that will fit a into a home printer – A4 (210 x 297 mm / 11.7 x 8.3 ins) or Letter (8.5 x 11.0 ins / 216 x 279 mm). All the templates in XY Family Tree are designed for those sizes. You can experiment with other sizes using the panel on the right.

Printing relies on using a modern Internet Browser capable of working with the new standards of HTML 5. Each of the currently available (2013) browsers gives slightly different results. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera all give good results; Internet Explorer (even version 9) is disappointing and best avoided. You can choose your preferred browser in Tools > Options. (This will not affect the choice of browser for viewing websites.)

Your browser must have the scripting option turned on.

As all tree-view output uses external style sheets (style.css) you could alter these to suit your own style. There is plenty of help on using CSS available on the Internet.

There are many templates to choose from.

1 These buttons give ten different basic layouts displaying the ancestors of the focal person.

2 These buttons give six different layouts showing ancestors and children of the focal person.

3 This button gives a story page for a single person.

4 This button gives a story page for a married couple.

5 This button gives a CSV file of the kinship as far as great grandparents, great grandchildren and third cousins. The file can be opened with any spreadsheet.

6 These are further options for printing that enable the use of much larger paper sizes and even irregular paper sizes. There are many options you can choose:

These options can be saved.

To see the benefit of these larger sizes you will either need a printer that can print the larger format or you can print your page as a PDF and then use the free Adobe Reader XI to print that large page as a tiled output that you can stick together to make the poster.

You can download a free PDF maker if you search for “free pdf converter”.

Adobe Reader can be downloaded from

In every case, when you download great products from the Internet, be careful not to download all the other stuff that tries to get the free ride onto your PC.

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