Importing and exporting

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Importing and Exporting data can be done using XYXchange or using Gedcom.

XYXchange encapsulates a complete family folder including all your data files, all your media files, all your documents and any other files located within that family folder. XYXchange uses a standard zipping utility to compress all this into a single file. This file will be named yourchoice_zipped.xyx and can be saved elsewhere on your PC, saved to a USB key, placed on a website or emailed.

Gedcom provides a starting point for a standard. Many genealogy programs have added their own tags but there is not a unanimous understanding of Gedcom. That is to say, that transferring your data from any Gedcom program to another may not be a complete success. The same is true for XY Family Tree, however it does do a pretty good job of following the standard.

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