Alternative Names

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Very often names of people and names of places can have many alternatives. For instance John may also be Jon, Jack, Jacques, Juan, Jonathan, Jonathon etc. St. Petersburg may also be known as Saint Petersburg, Petrograd or Leningrad. New York might also be known as New Amsterdam, Harlem, Manhattan etc. XY Family Tree gives you control over your searches so that your choice of alternatives names can optionally be included when searching.

In the clip below a search for Lorenzo would also find anyone with a Given Name Lawrence or Lorry. Similarly, searching for Florence would also find Firenze, Florence, Italy, Tuscany, Lucca.

XY Family Tree gives you complete control over your lists of Alternative Names.

You can add more names

to make a new list

or remove them

to make a new list

So now, when you search for Larry

You will also find

And clicking OK

Similarly, searching for Lucca

You get

And all these people are associated with Florence, Firenze, Florence, Italy, Tuscany or Lucca.

This is an extremely powerful tool and it's entirely in your control. Your lists of Alternative Names may be changed at will.

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