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An easy family tree to see is The Medici family tree. This family was at the heart of the renaissance of art and culture.

Due to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe in May 2018 the full list of uploaded trees has been removed in case it could be argued there is not approval from the individuals named.

You can still see your own tree if you go directly to it, but the list of uploaded trees is now archived.

However, as an example of how a family tree can be presented, and using freely available data that clearly does not identify particular individuals, you can see a generous family tree at royal-family-uk/ (use password: 'uk').

That family tree is also free to download as a zipped archive containing all the data and images from ukroyal_zipped.xyx. This is a good example of how XYFT (and XY Family Tree) does a better job than GEDCOM. With an XYXchange file you get everything - including documents, photos, backups and any other files you have kept in the folder; with a GEDCOM file you get only the basic data - no supporting files. You will also appreciate that keeping your XYXchange files attached to emails to yourself or a relative is good way to keep your work safely backed up.

NOTE: this XYXchange file was created with XYFT (as opposed to the classic XY Family Tree) and is intended for import into XYFT.

The snips below are from the Medici family tree linked above

Showing the descendants of Giovanni de Medici (b:1360) in a time line view.

Medici family time line

Showing the ancestors of Giovanni (Pope Leo X) de Medici (b:1475).

Medici family ancestors

Showing the siblings and parents (and children) of Giovanni (Pope Leo X) de Medici (b:1475).

Medici family siblings

Showing part of a list of relatives of Giovanni (Pope Leo X) de Medici (b:1475).

Medici family relatives