XY Family Tree is certified 100 per cent clean download

Download XYFT

If you already have a previous version of XY Family Tree note this is not a new version of XY Family Tree but a completely new app that can import your XY Family Tree data and work with it as XML. Your original data remains safe if you prefer to use XY Family Tree.

Some users have reported that the download contains a trojan - Trojan;Win32/Spursint,F!cl. This is a false positive. If you get your download from xyfamilytree.com you can safely ignore the alarm. Commercial downloads are usually certified by expensive certificates and wouldn't raise an alarm, but XYFT is not commercial and a certificate is not viable.

Step 1

download now

Step 2

Click the downloaded file (or find it and double-click it)

Step 3

Click Run when you're ready.
If you're worried that it says the publisher is unknown you can contact me through the website and ask questions. Certificates cost money. XYFT is free. On balance a certificate is too expensive so you'll need to trust me when you download from this site. I'm not hiding - contact me with questions.

Click "More info"

Then "Run anyway"
This will take you through the setup steps and install XYFT on your PC. If you have a previous version of XY Family Tree it will still work - you will not lose any of your family files. Having said that, it's always wise to backup all your files and it's especially easy to backup by using XYXchange to zip all your work into a single file that you can email to yourself, or save on a USB stick.