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Genealogy relies entirely on knowing the parentage of individuals. This information must be recorded and retained. Different countries and different cultures have used all sorts of ways of keeping records but apart from a few exceptions these records seldom go back more than a few centuries as there was no way of preserving them.

Quite apart from the discovery of recorded information is its reliability. Who recorded it and how soon after the event? what was the motive for recording it? was it first-hand knowledge? was it transcribed accurately from earlier records? etc. All these factors come into play to make genealogy very much prone to error.

Good news then for future genealogists: digital record keeping has arrived. Increasingly governments and large businesses use Big Data to know more and more about you: your medical records, where you have been, how much you spend and what you spend it on, etc. And now, with many governments discovering the opportunities afforded by a coronavirus epidemic, any hope of privacy is vanishing quickly. Everything about you will be recorded digitally. Soon you will not be allowed to work, travel or do anything in the company of other people if you do not carry a digital passport to show to anyone who requires to see it. Ostensibly this is to prove you've had the requisite number of recent injections. Although the card/smartphone might not have all your details loaded it will easily link you to much larger data sets that can be used for all sorts of purposes — including genealogy.

The next 100 years of genealogy will be interesting.

Old normal

The XY Family Tree site has an audience from every country in the world but the largest audience by far is from the USA, followed by UK and other westernised countries.

Not everybody in the world has enjoyed the freedoms we have had — to go about our daily lives mostly without harassment from those bestowed with authority and without self-congratulating snitchers reporting breaches of the latest regulations. For people who are already living under a totalitarian regime it must seem quite interesting that even western politicians can be corrupted by the glorious opportunity of power.

If you are concerned that the future will be less pleasant than the past you should take a look at the Old Normal website. This site is for those of us who have enjoyed a relatively comfortable existence since the defeat of the Nazis in 1945 and have been fortunate to have had governance by politicians who have boasted their opposition to totalitarianism. How things have changed! I don't know why. I have no answers. I'm just watching it happen and glad that I've been lucky enough to have enjoyed over 74 years of Old Normal. What would my ancestors think?