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A simple example of how relationships are displayed on XY Family Tree website

Looking at Edward VII and his relations, as described in words, we see that Augusta Reuss-Ebersdorf is his Great Grandmother twice, which means a certain amount of inter-breeding must have happened - both his parents share a common ancestor.

Edward VII relations

Then looking at the ancestral view of Edward VII we can see exactly how this happened.

Edward VII ancestors

Another curiosity that could be investigated is the fact that Arthur of Connaught is both his Grandson-in-Law and his Nephew. Yes, it's true.

Displaying a family on the XY Family Tree website generally offers a bigger view of a family than can be displayed in an app on a PC. This is because websites use HTML in a browser whilst apps in PCs use a different method.

XYFT is designed to work on a PC. All your information is stored on that PC and there is no need to place anything "in the cloud". Using the XY Family Tree website to display your family tree is entirely optional AND you can control how much information is shown and whether people need a password in order to gain access. So you can share your family just with those people to whom you give that password - or you can share it with everyone.