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Pictures – using the “Upload Media” button

Uploading Default Pictures

These are the pictures that you have set using auto pictures described earlier.

Only .jpg and .gif picture files smaller than 150 KB can be uploaded. These cannot be resized later so they need to be a suitable size before uploading.

To upload your pictures just click the “Upload Media” button, browse to the file you want – for example

C:\XY Family Tree\families\[myfamily]\links\John Smith id111.jpg

– select it.

and click “Upload File”.

Technical bit if you’re interested:

As they’re uploaded, files are renamed (slightly) so that any capital letters become lower case and any spaces are replaced with underscores. This is to make them manageable on the Internet. For instance, a picture file being used as the default picture on your PC for an individual, might be in your links folder as “Brian Smith id42.jpg” (that works fine on a PC). Once uploaded to your folder on the website it would become “brian_smith_id42.jpg”. In the views on the website that are able to display pictures, if a suitably named file is found, it will be displayed. Thus if you are looking at Brian Smith who has an id=42, a picture “brian_smith_id42.jpg” would be displayed.

Uploading other pictures

Of course you are not limited to pictures with ids. You could upload a picture from your PC that is named “John Smith at a party.gif”. This would become “john_smith_at_a_party.gif” and you could refer to this image by a hyperlink in your text. For instance in notes about John Smith you could add “<a href=john_smith_at_a_party.gif>John’s party</a>” into your notes.

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