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There are two places where you can set privacy:

Privacy settings – at your PC – Specific privacy

For each person there is a drop-down box where you can choose to show or hide that individual. Hiding can be for print only, for web only or for both. The effect of hiding someone is that they don’t exist in any output. Not only do they not exist but neither do any other relatives before or after unless they are connected to a non-hidden person. It’s as if that person is not in your database – you are the only person who can see them. If there were just 3 people in the data, daughter, mother and grandmother, and you chose to hide the mother, there would be no apparent relationship between the daughter and the grandmother. Or if a hidden person is 1 of 3 siblings it would appear that there are only 2 siblings.

Privacy settings – at your PC – General privacy

To prevent names and dates of birth of living members of your family being shown in your web folder, if you wish, you can set rules for how these should be displayed. These privacy rules apply only to living individuals and those who might be living.

The privacy settings allow you to change:

How general privacy settings apply

Obviously you would know that certain people are definitely living, but you may not know the current status of many others. These are the three main scenarios:

Technical bit if you’re interested:

To be sure that a person is dead, XY Family Tree uses the DoB and DoD fields. If, using the DoD field, the year of death (YoD) can be resolved to a number greater than 1000, the person will be presumed to be dead. Bear in mind that the year is the 4 characters on the left, or the 4 characters on the right, depending on whether you have chosen your date format to show the year on the left or on the right. If you set your dates so that the year is on the right, this would mean that a date entered as Jan 1st 1918/9 would give the YoD as 18/9 (=2). XY Family Tree would see this as less than 1000 and assume that no YoD was recorded. Similarly a DoD recorded as 1918? would fail because 918? is not a number. For uncertain dates you might prefer to commit your best estimate to the date box and make a note in the notes box that the date is not certain.

Privacy settings – your folder on the website

To control how your web folder is indexed and viewed, you’ll be able to choose or change your settings when you log in.

There are 3 basic privacy settings:

You can see the effect of using a password on the two Royal Families on the site: for the Russian Royal Family, with no home page, the password is “ru”; for the UK Royal Family, this time using a home page, the password is “uk”.

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