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Until you have a Key Code XY Family Tree allows up to 50 people per family for 2 families. It also allows a good range of output templates. Once you have a Key Code these limits are removed and there is a customisable output template that you can use to display more people and on many more paper sizes.

Below is a print (landscape) t of the British Royal Family on A1 paper.

and a close-up

You can choose any size to print, the only problems you will have is where to get it printed. This example was saved as a PDF and printed by a local commercial printing company on photographic paper.

XY Family Tree allows many options for this type of of print.

You can select paper size and orientation, direction, number of generations before, number of generations after, whether to shows dates, whether to show pictures and whether to show a background (in the this example it was a tree photographed in mist).

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