Creating your folder on the website

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It couldn’t be simpler.

You’ll get a warning that this will upload your data to the website.

This would be true except that you don’t yet have a folder on the website. Click OK and get to the next stage.

Click “register here” and complete the form.

After you submit your details you will get an email with your temporary password. Follow the instructions in the email.

Repeat the previous steps but this time choose “Please log in”

You don’t yet have a folder, so click the green button.

This will enable you to create a folder with your own choice of name, into which you can place your data. As each folder must have a unique name, you may need to add further text to make it unique. For example, the name Smith is likely to be in use already; in which case you could create John_Smith. Folder names may only contain the letters a to z, underscores and hyphens.

Click “Yes” to accept

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