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XY Family Tree Data Structure

XY Family Tree is based on sound principles of "normalised" data, which means there should be no chance of conflicting information. Below is the structure of XY Family Tree, given as tables and fields, and explanations of each.

The Tables

Data Relationships - relationships between the tables

Why no Events as in GEDCOM? Events themselves are of no interest in genealogy unless they have relevance to individuals. An Event may be a gathering - show any evidence of this as a Source (document, certificate, image, sound or video); an Event may be an event - again, show any evidence of this as a Source (document, image, sound or video). Simply, a Source contains information that is relevant to people.

Why no Families as in GEDCOM? Children are not always born into a family. Sometimes they are but it's not always the case. What is always true is that a child has a single mother and a single father.


Although it would be possible to add many more fields to that list it really isn't necessary. You can add your own fields simply in the Notes. For instance if you would like a field Graduation Date simply include Graduation Date: 5th September 2012 in the notes and just use the search facility to see all people with a Graduation Date. Similarly Occupation or any of the multitude of other tags available in GEDCOM. You have the power to make this work the way you would like and exchange it with other people.

Especially important is that "Year of Birth" is entirely down to your best guess. This enables sorting people into a chronological sequence even if you don't know exact dates. It only needs to be understood that "Year of Birth" is used for this purpose. Actual "Date of Birth" can be complete or partial or missing.





Note 1

If neither parent is known it's impossible to know any earlier connection. Any connection between a child and grandparent must involve at least one person in between.
If neither parent is known it's impossible to connect siblings. If children are known to be siblings they must share at least one parent. An unknown person will be created as this parent if necessary. Details can follow if discovered.

Data Relationships

In the views below MetaData is data that tells more about the basic data. The basic data might be that a person with ID=99 is the son of people whose IDs are 66 and 77. The MetaData could show that person with ID=99 was named John Smith, born in 1901 and died in 1999, was an army Major who served WW2 and later went on to do good things for the community. Marriages, Associations and Sources can also have MetaData.

XY Family Tree data connections for people

XY Family Tree data connections for marriages

XY Family Tree data connections for associations

People and Sources
XY Family Tree data connections for sources